Nissan Street Art Video

This is a video I made for the AAF Nissan pitch in NYC. Matt Ryan and I worked really hard on this piece and I'm pretty stoked on the result. Literally stayed up for three days straight painting and editing. It was actually a pretty fun experience. Hope you like it. 


Some Old Black & Whites.

I decided to post some old photos from the good old days. I've also decided to buy (or possibly steal) a new camera, so I can go back to documenting the more ridiculous moments of our lives. Also don't forget to check out my new blog "Oh No Neilio". Go there.

Patrick and Hoyos.
Shaving Patrick's head.
The smuggled Absinth.
Weird night.

Young Dillon's backyard.
The Gang at Michael's shore house.
Garret or Ian. I can't tell.
Me and Patrick. 40s Tuesdays.
Typical Lioy.


Yay New Blog.

I created a new blog for my social media class and my own shameless self promotion. So, you should check it out, follow me, promote me, stalk me, whatever. I promise I will continue to update dumbassia regularly and to show you I am being sincere, I will now post all the blog names that the dumbassia crew, other acquaintances and myself suggested for my new blog. One of these individuals may have been under the influence of something. If you guess who that individual is...you win.

Disruptive Creation, Maniacal Radness, Cornholios Way, Creative Grime, Right-Brain Sickness, Blah,  Bruises X Brushes, Shock Value Aesthetic, wasteoftime, Negative Progress, GrizzlyAdamsBeard, Zombie Goop, Pizzaria Dreams, Sidekicks Kickin It, Escalator Kids, Big Spoon and Bannas, FUNdecided, Get Derivative, BunchaSavages, Tight Spaces Loose Laces, Punchin Pavement, Street Dreaming Ideas Streaming, Empty Ideas Wallets Loaded, Jersey Rotten, Pennys For Thoughts, Quiet In The Streets, Break the Mold, Staying Gold and Growing Old, The Street Is It's Byproduct, Grind Em Up, Spray Day, Blog Slug, I Like It When You Neil, Jerken Durkin, O the Cruelmanity, Esistantial Angst, A Day Late and a Chromosome Short, Its Hard to Rent a Room when You tends Toward Frenzy, Unfollow the Yellow Brick Road, A Bad Arsonist is Easy to Find,  Rest Assured thats How They Spot You, After Its On Fire Then You Set It a Adrift AFTER, If Spiders Were Insane You Would Spend More Time In Terror, I am My Own Activity, The Lithium is the Jello Just a Heads Up...

There were more.

Decided to go with "Oh No Neilio", but if I decide I'm not feeling it I can always go back to this clusterfuck of a list. Here's the link, go there.



Counting Down.

Pat Hart makes his epic return this Saturday around noon. 


Funny Gift Story

So before I start this post, let me just state that I love my mother very much and she has always been there to support me in "most" of my endeavors. That being said, she has some qualities that are less than perfect. See my mother is a special kind of person that the marketing world refers to as a “variety shopper”. This means that if she sees anything that is on sale and has some sort of use for it, she will buy it. For many, this is a great way of saving money and I’m not putting down people who seek out bargains. I’ll give you an example of what I’m trying to describe and why this can be pretty fucked up/ funny. The other day, my mom made a very unique purchase for me. Now, I usually don’t get many random gifts from my mother, but when I do they are always in good taste and fun. The gift below was not in good taste at least.
That is supposed to be a sled…yes… a sled. My mother presented it to me the night prior to my departure back to school. In reality it was a very thoughtful gift, considering my university is in an environment equivalent to the arctic tundra and people do often do things involving sleds. So, I guess it's the thought that counts. The only thing that I find funny, yet unnerving, is the suggestive shape of this children’s play toy. I mean seriously. It looks like a dick. The way it works is even weirder. You the sled rider, place your buttocks in a plastic-testicle-shaped seat pad. Then you grab the head (frightening shaped steering mechanism) and pull the shaft between your legs. I don’t even believe that this thing can even work unless you were descending the steepest hill in history.
(snow seat in action)
So when my mother asked, “how I liked it?”, I smiled and said thank you. I didn’t want to make her feel bad about buying me something. She also would have probably been very offended by my suggestion of anything phallic about a children’s toy, even though it seriously looks like a dick. She then explained that she saw that it was on sale for eight dollars and that she knew I would have a good time using it (The negatives of bargain shopping exposed). I told her that I would definitely use it when I got back to school, and then quickly grabbed the dick sled as I went to my room. As I walked, I began to think about this unusual gesture. I’m inclined to believe that my mother made an innocent purchase with the full intention of me having a great outdoor recreational experience. For if not, my mom is a maniacal comedic genius that realized I would be too nice to point out her poor shopping decision and wishes for me to have a homoerotic moment of embarrassment as I travel at high speed down the steepest hill of ice imaginable! Either way, it’s funny and/or adorable. It also provided me with a good post. Thanks mom.

Definitely gonna make a video of the snow seat in action.        

More Photoshop Boredom

I was messing around on photoshop for a bit when I made the decision to make one of my friend's greatest dreams come true. So congratulations Michael, I have made you a wizard. Enjoy. 
(I made sure you had a sweet neck beard)


Messing around with photoshop.
Also just realized I spelt "choices" wrong, but whatever.
It makes it ironic or something.